Privacy Statement

Keystone Halls, Inc. collects Personal Protected Information (PPI) about the people we serve in a computer system called ServicePoint (SP).  SP is used by governmental agencies which provide prevention, shelter and housing related services in Broward County.  Agencies using SP comply with all the requirements related to keeping your PPI  private and secure;


We use PPI to run our programs and help us improve our services.  Also, we are required to collect some PPI by organizations that fund our programs.  PPI will be used and disclosed only as specified in the Privacy Notice, and only for the specified purposes specified therein;


Your PPI will help us in getting the appropriate services for you through our program or programs offered by other agencies;


Client PPI shall be disposed of by way of shredding after 7 years from the discharge date;


Reasonable accommodations shall be made for persons with disabilities or language barriers in the obtaining of the required PPI; and


You have a right to review the information that we have about you.  If you find mistakes, you can ask us to correct them.  You have a right to file a complaint if you feel that your privacy rights have been violated by filing a grievance as outlined in our grievance policy.


DCF District Office: (954) 762-3700

The Abuse Hotline at (800) 96-ABUSE

Updated 10/1/2017